Kidmate robot

Ali Salem
Published on 10 Jan 2021 / In New Product

⁣Home English teacher for 3-8 years ⁣helps kids with math, English and logicsing famous songs, tell famous stories & answers your kid questions through interactive voice answer
⁣كيدميت هو الروبوت الذكي التي تساعد على تطوير قدرات التعلم المبكر للأطفال. فمن لديه القدرة على التفاعل وتعليم الرياضيات الأساسية للاطفال والانجليزية، والمنطق واختبار مهاراتهم المعرفية
من KidMate
Watch a quick interesting feature video -
Kid-mate teaches the kid then quizzes him and finally the kid can quiz KidMate.
Interactive:KidMate can interact with the kid through voice recognition. There are 15 commands that the kid can say allowing Kid-mate to interact.
Find a friend: Kid-mate can interact with other fellow KidMate. Education: Kid-mate helps to develop your kid's early learning abilities through 4 main subjects : English, Math, Logic and Cognitive.
They can educates themselves,tell stories and dance.Sing and read stories: Kid-mate can read stories and sing in any preferred language by uploading them on

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